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Why does windows 10 take so long to download free. How to Increase Download Speed in Windows 10

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Aug 18,  · Windows 10 updates typically take longer to complete since it transfers large files and a bunch of data that could take more than four hours to install. Your internet speed and that of the server from which you’re downloading the update also play a key role and can significantly affect the time you need for ted Reading Time: 4 mins. Oct 26,  · Still, the Win 10 download takes a very long time using the Media Creation Tool. My Computer Brink. Posts: 57, bit Windows 10 Pro for Workstations build New 26 Oct so at a 3 Mbit/s download rate, it could take a while. I calculate around 2 hours and 47 minutes. I’m using a slow network and need to download windows 10 iso. Jan 18,  · 2: Defragment your hard drive. (Start menu>all programs> accessories>System Tools>Disk Defragmentor>Defragment Disk). This operation can take a while so maybe make it an overnight process. 3: Try to download and install a well known virus scan program (like McAfee) and run it to make sure there aren’t any obvious viruses on your computer.


Why does windows 10 take so long to download free. [Too Slow!] Fix: Windows 10 APPs Take Forever to Load


By this point, provided there hasn’t been any major issues discovered, the machine should be behaving much better now. If there has been a major issue found, your options are to Google your way to a solution which, depending on the issue, can be not so bad or a nightmare. Sometimes, when all else fails, it’s just time to backup your files and rebuild the machine.

With Windows it comes with a “Factory Reset” function built in which can be accessed via “Settings”, specific location varies. Always make sure you have a backup of your files prior to doing this though. Why is this top of the page?

Otherwise take your machine to Best buy and have them do it for you, probably at a cost. One more thing you need to do is to check and see if you have enough memory RAM installed in your PC and if you have anything less than , consider increasing it.

Now you are finished and your machine is supposed to be all cleaned up. However, you still have one more step to go to make sure that you hard drive is OK as well. Then say Yes to the message that will open.

Go back to where you were and put a checkmark in the second little square, click OK and wait for the four-step process to finish. Close down all open windows and restart your machine. And wait for the process to finish and you see your desktop.. Now, restart your computer and see how it behaves.

Now, do me a favor; Go to start, control panel; scheduled tasks, click on scheduled tasks to open and then click on help to learn how to schedule your machine to clean up itsself automatically and at least once a week.

Thomas brentser. Buy a drive ssd may speed up your computer with me, thanks to the computer immediately works better. Cherry Boxing chettbox. In my case I run the windows in the safe mode and I use a tool windows fix in a program called advanced system care and evrything goes right after that.

Michael McWhirter macmikey. Never go to a website and download software just because someone told you to do that.

It is very dangerous and you could just be making your problem worse, or, giving away sensitive personal details. Windows is crap software and needs to be replaced every once in a while. It is a pain in the rear, but it will save countless hours waiting for a slow computer. Poor advice.

Telling someone to never download software people are recommended is serving only to spread unjustified fear. There are millions of active forum community members who do nothing but try to help and advice like this destroys their efforts. What you should have said it to be cautious and use trustworthy sources only. Windows is no crap software.

You try writing a piece of software yourself and see how close to get to something like an operating system. Of course it not perfect, but when humans aren’t perfect and our ideals are constantly changing, of course it’s not perfect. But as for your comment about needing replaced, with proper maintenance it should always run good.

I’ve had both my windows installs for several years, no issues on either of them, and that’s a trend I’ve maintained since Win XP days excluding Vista and 8.

I wish people who didn’t know what they were talking about would just shut their cake hole and stop spreading their paranoia to the uninformed. MrJimPhelps mrjimphelps.

Disable the non-Microsoft services which are running. Sometimes you will get a misbehaving service which slows everything down. Doing this has fixed several slow computers for me.

Here’s how to do this:. Go to the Services tab. Click the box to hide all Microsoft services. Once you have done that, all that will be showing will be the non-Microsoft services.

Select all of them, then disable them. Click Apply, then restart the computer. Are things better? If so, then one or more of the non-Microsoft services is the culprit. Re-enable them one at a time rebooting each time you enable one , to see which one slows the computer down. If you find any which slow the computer down, re-disable them, and make note of which ones they are so that you won’t inadvertently re-enable them in the future.

Check them all; there may be more than one misbehaving service. You may need them running, because they may provide essential functionality, such as anti-virus monitoring.

Shripriya Choubey shripriya. You will able to find out the reasons and solution after reading Microsoft blog. Rosa Avrigari rosaavrigari. Could be hardware aging. Could be crap-tastic background programs. Could be the Flux Capacitor dying. Somewhow i missed windows defender and piconstartup disabled both and my pc went from 3 minutes to 8 seconds.

Step 4 is almost never the case. An OS reinstall should be attempted long before a pc is replaced in its entirety. Would you simply replace your car if it wouldn’t turn over but you knew it had plenty of fuel and good spark? And as for your driver downloader, every single one I’ve tried in the past has been not worth it. Either they lock the updates behind a pay wall, or they provide updates for the wrong components, or they just fill your system with malware. The one you have recommended looks decent on the face of it though, so I will defo be checking that out.

Although, Windows have recently made agreements to allow better driver update delivery through regular old Windows Update. Fix Your Stuff. Back Answers Index. HP Laptop Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score Chosen Solution. Phillip Takahashi Rep: There are many other potential suggestions but hopefully this is a good start!

Was this answer helpful? And laptop is only 2 years old and I use a Nasdrive to back everything up also. Sean Laverty slaverty Rep: 61 3 2. Hi, Making slow PCs faster is part of my daily grind so I have a lot of tips for you here. To start with, lets make sure there’s no dodgy program on the PC. Any entries which don’t have a “Publisher” entry, be suspicious of and Google it. Virus scan Ok, next you’re gonna wanna run a full scan with Malware Bytes Free and whatever your preferred Anti-virus is, run the scans one after the other, not at same time.

OS corruption If you’re on Windows , these can all be prone to file system corruption which has a massive impact on performance, if you’re on Windows 7 skip to SFC repair. General tips For a browser, I like Chrome best but would also recommend Firefox. You can view the “Processes” to see what’s consuming your RAM If you are on Windows 10, I’d also recommend you ensure you’re on the latest version by running Windows Updates. Score 5. I hope this helps. Good luck. Score 3. Windows 10 installation is a necessary operation when you perform a clean install, update the system or reset the PC.

So, we will break this topic into three sections:. To install Windows 10 from scratch, you need to download an ISO file of Windows 10 via the Internet and then install the operating system. So, this part will show you two aspects. The download time depends on two main variables — the Internet speed and the size of the download file. This download is quite fast. After opening this tool, Windows 10 Setup will take minutes to get things ready.

No matter which media you use, it will take you about 30 minutes — 1 hour. After finishing downloading the Windows 10 operating system, you need to install it on your computer. Some users say it can take around minutes to perform a clean install without any issues while some say Windows 10 takes about 1 hour to install.

Simply speaking, Windows 10 installation time depends on the hardware of your computer, for example, CPU and the disk speed. Suppose that you have an SSD that is installed on the latest high-end computer, it will take less than 15 minutes to finish the installation. However, it can take more time because of the slow or damaged hard drive if you are using an old computer.

Windows update is a totally different story. Just refer to the above part to get a lot of information. Do you want to upgrade Vista to Windows 10 since you think it is outdated? How to do Windows Vista upgrade? This post will walk you through a full guide. If you upgrade Windows 10 to a newer version, you may choose to use Media Creation Tool to perform an in-place upgrade.

This may take more time than a clean install because Windows will have to back up current stuff, move files around, etc. In most cases, you check for updates via Settings. Windows will automatically download available updates, without bothering you.

You only need to take action like restarting the PC. It is easy to install the update since everything will be done automatically and what you need to do is to restart the computer. But as for the Windows 10 build update, it takes a long time compared to KB updates. If you are using an older version, it can take hours and even all day since it updates Windows during the installation and may have to load many cumulative updates. In short, Windows 10 update time also depends on the Internet, hardware computer configuration like disk speed and upgrade channels the time to download the image and install it is different from Microsoft’s push.

Resetting lets you keep personal files or remove them and then reinstalls Windows. Actually, this also depends on your disk speed. Some users say keeping files during resetting Windows takes a longer time than removing everything. Even some say it is faster to perform a clean install. In conclusion, Windows 10 download time is determined by the Internet speed and the file size. Windows 10 installation time can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on the device configuration.

It is a helpful document. Click to tweet. After knowing the time to install Windows 10, now you should take action.

In the following part, we will show you how to perform a clean install, update Windows 10 and reset your PC. During the installation process, your personal files will be deleted. Thus, we strongly recommend you to back up your important data before the clean install.

It is developed by MiniTool and can be used to back up files, folders, Windows operating system, disks, and partitions. Free Download. Step 3: Select a destination path by clicking the Destination section. Here, we take the external hard drive G as an example.


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